All Our Good Deeds (16x20)The Great Thing About Good Friday (16x20)Art Therapy and Evangelism (16x20)Birds, Betrayals, and Broken Dishes (16x20)God Loves Illinois and Chinatown (16x20)Painting and Purification (16x20)Crying Out in the Desert (12x12)A Sparrow (8x10)El Rey Dormido (8x10)My Kingdom is Not Here (8x10)State of Grace (8x10)We Sing the Hymn of You (8x10)Any Road Will Take You There (8x10)Irish Chain Variation (12x12)When This is Over (11x14)Bright My Eyes Are (8x10)Lorcan (8x10)Enda (5x4)Kyna (5x5)Nollaig (4x4)